Do your potential clients trust you?

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The Trust Factor

One of the things I’ll be sharing during “The Holistic-Preneur’s Client Attraction Formula” is about building trust with your potential clients.

I call it the “Trust Factor”.

Trust is super important, agreed?

So how do you build trust with someone you don’t even know yet?

Start by making sure that you can answer “Yes” to these 3 crucial trust-builders:

1. Are you Relateable?

Letting yourself shine through your words, your emails, and any communications with your potential clients is so important. People want to know you. One of the best ways to be relateable is to share your own journey.
What are you up to, what are you like as a person, what do you care about, what challenges do you go through that your potential client can relate to?

(If you haven’t heard my personal story yet, you’ll hear it on the call next week!)

2. Are you Credible?

Credibility comes from admitting your own struggles and sharing how you’ve overcome them or are in the process of overcoming them. Most Holistic Practitioners and Coaches fear that if they reveal their own stuff, no one
will think they’re good enough. It’s the exact opposite! Your potential clients want to know that you’ve walked the same path they’re on, even if you’re only a few steps ahead.

3. Are you Connected?

Finally, you want to let your potential clients know you’re in the game. Who are you connected to that they already trust? What other experts do you admire or follow or work with? If you’ve been hanging out in your own world or afraid to reach out to others, don’t wait to get started in connecting with your like-minded

If you want more tips like these, make sure to join me on the call next week by registering here!

See you there!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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