Do You Tweet In Your Sleep? 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Building Your Twitter Tribe

Do You Tweet In Your Sleep? 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Building Your Twitter Tribe
by Suzanne Monroe

With all of the excitement this week, I had a strange dream! While I typically love to tweet and share updates regularly, this week I’ve been in tweet-overload. I’ve been sharing the news of the IAWP, responding to comments, and retweeting other amazing things out there. So when I finally put my head down to rest last night, my brain was still in social media mode. I actually was dreaming about tweeting! I could see all of my followers on Twitter and Facebook, I was saying hello, responding to posts, chatting with new Friends. When I woke up, I felt like I had been on Twitter all night! I think a Twitter Detox is in store for this long weekend!

So, have you had a similar experience with your work? Where it carries over into your personal time and it’s hard to shut off? As wellness professionals, we can all relate to being so passionate about our clients and our work that we can’t always let go. This happens from time to time when we’re immersed in something really big, like I was this week.

While the goal of the Association is to provide you with business and marketing tools so you can be outrageously and authentically successful, we’re also here to remind you to reach your goals holistically so you can stay true to your own message of health and wellness. If you’ve ever felt like you were starting to compromise on your own ideals just to grow your business, we’re here to show you that you don’t have to do that. You can create a thriving business and stay in balance, contrary to popular belief.

One of the gifts we are providing you is the Wellness Business Wheel. You’ve heard of the Wellness Wheel before, right? It’s a tried and true tool that many holistic practitioners and coaches use with their clients. But have you ever used it for your business? We’ve revamped that big ol’ wheel and turned it into a tool just for wellness professionals who are creating thriving businesses so you can stay in balance on your journey. Make sure to download the Wellness Professional’s Success Starter Kit at the top of this page and you’ll receive your Desktop Wallpaper of the Wellness Business Wheel right away.

Now back to tweeting! If you want to grow a tribe on Twitter or Facebook, there are 3 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid:

1. Don’t Sell Your Stuff – While it’s actually possible to find new clients on Twitter and Facebook, you won’t do it by selling. Social media is about creating connection and community. And this happens when you provide value. Think of it like a backyard BBQ party where you’re meeting new friends, some of whom might be potential clients. Would you delve into your elevator pitch or bring up your website on your iphone while they’re telling you about their latest interest? Not exactly, but we’ve all chatted with someone whose been annoying like that. Instead, you’d be conversational and casual, getting to know the person and what they’re up to. Social media updates and posts are just like your backyard BBQ party – be personal, be yourself and be genuine. Then watch your tribe grow.

2. Don’t Be Average – It’s imperative to be yourself, but you also want to stand out in the crowd of 400 Million Users on Facebook! Don’t just update or tweet about boring stuff all of the time. Make your posts interesting, though-provoking and unique. Ask your followers questions and get them engaged in a conversation. The more unique you are, while remaining authentic at the same time, the more followers will be intrigued by what you have to say. A good rule of thumb in updates is: two personal to every one business-related update.

3. Don’t Be Self-Centered – Remember that creating connection and community is about caring what others are up to, not just tweeting your own horn. If you’re only goal is to build your followers and your list, you’ll probably find that won’t happen very fast…and it will also be a lonely journey. Make sure to follow others and join conversations of interest. Think big by supporting friends and followers in your same field of wellness. You’ll be surprised at how joint ventures or partnerships with like-minded professionals will be attracted to you.

Finally, have fun and don’t go into Tweet Overload like I did! And if you find you’re tweeting in your sleep, hopefully they’re all sweet tweet dreams! Stay tuned for some amazing experts on Social Media who will be sharing how they’ve built their businesses using Twitter and Facebook and how you can, too.

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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