Do You Rely on Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

I’m sure you agree that Word of Mouth is great for your business! It’s always a pleasure to receive an email or a message from someone who was referred by one of your clients. It adds that extra boost to your day, reminding you that you are helping people so much they want to share it with their friends and family. But do you rely on word of mouth as your main source of finding new clients?

I talk to wellness professionals almost every day, including holistic health practitioners, coaches and other heart-centered, health-focused entrepreneurs and one of the things that comes up more often than not is that they rely on word of mouth to keep their business going.

Let’s just say this is not a good way to grow your business.

I’m not saying word of mouth is bad, who doesn’t love free advertising, right? And your successful clients can be your biggest, raving fans, so it’s a great way to connect with new referrals. But here’s the problem….

If you rely on word of mouth alone, you’re relying on other people to grow your business for you, and you’re not in the driver’s seat. It’s like being a back-seat driver – you might tell the driver where to go and what to do, but you’re not the one steering the car. You have to get behind the wheel! (Excuse the car analogy, I’m so not a car person by the way, but this just fits perfectly!) So what if your clients never get around to sharing your work, or what if they do, but they just don’t tell enough people to send you a steady stream of new clients? You’re business will suffer and you’ll also feel really stuck.

You might be asking, “If I shouldn’t rely on word of mouth, then what should I rely on?” If you’re asking this question, that’s great – you’re ready to move beyond what I call Passive Marketing and into Active Marketing.

Passive marketing is sitting back and hoping people will hear about you. There’s lots of great ways that you can sit back and allow clients to find you, like joint venture partnerships or affiliate relationships, but you have to set them in motion first before they will work for you. This means you have to take action.

Active marketing means you are focused each and every day, week and month in your business on communicating your message to your ideal clients. This includes communicating with your current clients, your potential client list and reaching out to new, prospective clients so you can continue to grow.

Want to get active with your message? Then focus on the following simple steps to get started:

1. Plant & Water Your Lead Seeds – In the IAWP Marketing Blueprint that all Members of The International Association of Wellness Professionals receive as one of their Member Benefits, they map out their Lead Seeds and how they grow into a marketing funnel….(a marketing funnel this is what happens after clients find you so that they stay with you and help grow your business). If you aren’t planting your lead seeds and watering them often, you aren’t building consistent connection and sharing your message…which means your ideal clients won’t know about you. Start by considering 10 different Lead Seeds (ways that clients find out about you) and start watering them often to put them into action.

2. Online & Offline Marketing –If you work face-to-face with clients, it doesn’t mean you can’t still do online marketing. In fact, if you aren’t leveraging the power of online marketing, you’re missing out. While Offline marketing ranges from local workshops to brochures in local businesses, Online marketing can include many things from a website to social media to videos. With both online and offline marketing, you have to be active by communicating often through these channels.

3. Activate a System – The best way to stay active is to set up systems for your marketing so that you aren’t overwhelmed. That means your marketing can be working for you, even when you’re not working. You’ll know this is working for you when you go to sleep at night, and wake up to new client leads and even dollars in your bank account. This happens because your efforts are multiplied when you create systems in your business, especially with your marketing. An example of a marketing system would be creating a video series that you do one time, but it keeps running and is available over and over again for people to access. Make sure to always include a link to your website or offer so people know where to go for more support after they hear your video.

I hope you’re ready to start planting your Lead seeds and to get into action with your marketing. You’ll be happy when Word of Mouth sends someone your way, but you won’t be waiting around for it! If you’re ready to design your Marketing Plan using the IAWP Marketing Blueprint, plus get access to tons of business training and support, then make sure to take advantage of becoming a Charter Member of the International Association of Wellness Professionals during our pre-launch – save $50 and the 1st 100 Charter Members receive the ‘Know Your Niche’ Client Attraction Template designed to help you know exactly who you help and how to find ’em!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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