Do you have your puzzle pieces?

One of the most common questions I receive from wellness professionals is How to Find, Keep and Consistently Generate New Clients.  Is this on your mind? It’s normally a priority for most wellness professionals who are on their way to success.  Not only do you want to be able to help more people with your important message, but let’s face it, you want to be able to pay the bills so that you can live freely and authentically without financial anxiety and be able to better serve your purpose.  You know that you’ll be a better coach, counselor, soul-based service provider and/or leaders if you are aligned in your purpose and serving others the best you can. But if you’re stricken with worry and anxiety, it sure takes you away from your focus of creating and shining, doesn’t it?  Think of how much more you could do and share if you weren’t dealing with all of that extra baggage.

Let me tell you a little story about a gal named Suzy who was a holistic nutrition counselor.  She loved her new career, was excited to be helping clients and carving a new path for herself.  She had some great success come her way, including being asked to be part of an integrative healthcare clinic, partnerships with some major companies and interviews on local TV.  But 12 months into her new business, she practically had a nervous breakdown because no matter what she did, it seemed like she was always chasing clients….and to her, this feeling in her gut was awful.  No matter how many probiotics and digestive enzymes she took, the nagging gut feeling wasn’t going anywhere!  She wanted to be at peace and know that things would work out, but she also began to feel a little inauthentic because she wasn’t living a balanced, healthy life when she was a nervous wreck.  But she didn’t give up.  She kept moving forward and got tons of support to figure out the tricks of the trade.  Afterall, what did she really know about being an entrepreneur, her passion was in health and wellness?  It wasn’t that one day she finally figured it all out, it was that every step along the way was another piece in the puzzle.  And one day, the puzzle pieces all fit together and she saw a beautiful picture.

So, what’s your completed puzzle look like and are you gathering the right pieces along the way?

Well, you may have figured out by now that little Suzy was me, Suzanne Monroe, Founder of IAWP.  Yep, that’s right, but please don’t call me Suzy!  And now, five years later, my life is completely different, but it didn’t happen overnight.  Here’s the moral of the story: Success comes from always taking another step forward with your passion.  And when times are tough, it doesn’t mean that you’re not good at what you do or that you should give up.  Have you heard that Perseverance Paired with Passion is the Key to Success?  You can be passionate about what you do, but you must persevere.  Keep on preserving!

So chew on this right now:  What does your completed puzzle look like?  Dream big on this, no travel-size jigsaw puzzles allowed.  You have to start with that vision so you can then back into it and start putting together the little pieces.  Imagine not having the cover of the puzzle box to look at when you’re doing a puzzle….you may get there, but it’s gonna take you a lot longer.   At the IAWP, you can share your puzzle pieces and your big picture with like-minded professionals who know how important your dream is.  Join us and share your big vision and the steps you’re currently working on.   The moment you share and put it out there, you are already taking a giant leap forward and stepping up to meet your dream with open arms.

Suzanne Monroe

IAWP Founder & CEO

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