Do you ever freak out when talking with your potential clients?

Every coach and practitioner knows the moment when….

You’ve just had an initial session with a potential client. She’s the perfect match for your work, an ideal client right in front of you. You feel completely lit up and inspired. You know you can help her. You’re also completely freaked out because the moment has arrived when you have to ask her to take the next step to work with you as a paying client.

Palms sweating
Heart racing
Stomach churning

Welcome! You’ve just entered the magical, mysterious, life-altering place called the Gap.

The Gap is the space between where your clients are now and where they want to be. It’s the space between their challenges and what the future holds for them. It’s the moment when you can help them move from struggle to success. And what happens in the Gap changes everything, for both you and your clients.

The energy of the Gap is powerful.

It’s so powerful that you might feel the urge to run away from it. In fact, most coaches and practitioners make the mistake of “contracting” in the Gap. Instead of asking empowering questions and helping your client to move toward what she wants, it can often be easier to just say nothing or let your client “off the hook”.

But when you do that, no one wins. Your clients don’t get to reach their goals. And you don’t get to paid! Worse yet, you don’t get to do the work you’re here to do.

But what if you could learn to harness the powerful energy of the gap, expand into it rather than contract away from it? You’d be coming from an empowered place, that’s for sure.

It’s in this empowered state that you can hold the highest vision for your clients and be the coach or practitioner they’re looking for.

And when you can learn to ride the wave of the Gap, you will hear over and over again “Yes, I’m ready to work with you!”

So how do you expand into the Gap? Here’s three tips to get started….

1. Hold Your Client as Powerful –
Remember that your potential client is there with you during a discovery session because she has already raised her hand asking for help. Your job is to hold her powerful to help her get what she says she wants. That means when she says “I’m not sure if I’m ready” or “I’m not sure if I can afford it” or “I need to think about it”, you can recognize these statements as potential doubts your client is experiencing. Knowing exactly what to say in these moments is the key to leading powerful Discovery Sessions. I share more on this in my recent complimentary call which you can access here.

2. Hold Yourself as Powerful –
When you feel the energy of the Gap, recognize it for what it is: Powerful, but not scary. Instead of buying into your fear, imagine riding the wave and knowing that when you flow with it, you’re honoring yourself and your client. There’s a “Secret Language” to Discovery Sessions I’ll be teaching to participants in my upcoming, live teletraining. One of my favorite things about learning this language is that you never have to feel fearful again when the moment comes to ask your client to becoming a paying client. Instead of feeling nervous, you’re completely confident and at the same time, completely yourself. Learning to hold yourself as powerful is empowering for not only you, but for your clients. They can sense that you will help them get to where they want to go.

3. Hold the Space as Powerful –
It’s easy to go into your head and start doubting yourself or wondering what your potential client is thinking. When you do that, you get off track and take a big step outside of the Gap. Instead, remain completely present. Breathe and stay focused. When you have the exact scripts to follow, it makes holding the space powerful a lot easier. And remember that the space you have created together with your client truly is a sacred space, because you both get to connect and have the opportunity to grow.

Learn how to speak your clients language, harness the powerful energy of the Gap and get more “Yes’s” here.

And share your comments below on what it feels like for you in the Gap!

Thriving Together,
Suzanne Monroe

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2 thoughts on “Do you ever freak out when talking with your potential clients?

  1. Ed Weinsberg


    Thanks for your extremely constructive, concrete and helpful message about the Gap. I wonder if you might find it more useful to describe coaches’ tendency to “contract” from the gap as “withdrawing” from the gap. “Contract” has multiple meanings, whereas “withdraw” is a lot clearer and makes perfect sense. At any rate I commend your thoughts as being “right on”!

  2. Suzanne Post author

    Thanks for your thoughts Ed and glad this was helpful! Interesting point on choice of words!

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