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Complimentary, Exclusive Webinar for the Coaches Console Community


The Heart-Based Business:
Discover How to Build a Thriving Coaching Business that Serves the World, Fuels Your Lifestyle and Is In Alignment with You


Are you ready to take your business to the next level while you create lasting transformation for your clients and big breakthroughs in your life?

If you’re a conscious, heart-centered coach who wants to learn how you can do more of what you love including helping more people while designing a lifestyle of freedom, fun and flexibility, then make sure to register for this free webinar where I’ll teach you my top tips for going from struggling everyday to thriving and making a big difference with your passion…while ensuring you’re in alignment with your “unique brilliance” so you end up loving what you create!


Suzanne Monroe

Suzanne Monroe, Founder of the International Association of Wellness Professionals,
Heart-Based Business Mentor for Coaches & Conscious-preneurs

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Join me for this complimentary, content-rich Webinar Training where you’ll learn:

The 5 Step Formula that will take you from “just another coach” to THE go-to expert in your field

The simplest, most effective way to turn your knowledge and expertise into something that people are excited to pay you for

How to turn your Brilliance into Dollars doing what you love…when and where you want

The #1 Secret to creating real transformation for your clients (which will have them sending you countless referrals and signing up for more support with you)

Plus: Discover your Heart-Based Business Profile (there’s three types and knowing yours makes all the difference on whether you end up happy vs. miserable with the business you create!)

Get Immediate Access Now to The Heart-Based Business Quiz and
join us for the Webinar by registering here….

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I look forward to connecting with you on this upcoming call and helping you make a big impact with your passion!

Suzanne Monroe
Founder, The International Association of Wellness Professionals
Heart-Based Business Mentor for Coaches & Conscious-preneurs