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The Best Training Tools for Wellness Coaches

The International Association of Wellness Professionals is committed to supporting your success with a best-in-class learning experience and the tools you need to start and sustain a thriving business as a Wellness Coach.

Online Classroom

Your learning is virtual and takes places in our online classroom complete with reading, audios, videos, tutorials, exercises, journals and interactive tools to make your learning not only comprehensive, but engaging, interactive and even fun!




Virtual Teacher Training

Learn from leading health experts and participate from wherever you are. Our Wellness Faculty and Guest Teachers will teach you how to support clients as you learn the fundamentals of health and wellness, covering holistic nutrition, traditional and modern food theories, healthy lifestyle choices and much more.




Signature System

Every wellness coach needs a Signature System! The IAWP provides you with signature wellness content and tools that you can customize to use with individuals or groups. Most training programs leave you having to figure out how to support clients and create materials on your own after you graduate. The IAWP Wellness Coach Certification program provides you with client handouts, workshop scripts, and the tools you’ll need to get started right away. Having your own customizeable Signature System that you can use with clients will not only give you confidence, but something spectacular to offer once you graduate! You can use your Signature System in a variety of formats, from workshops, to one-on-one coaching, to teleseminars and webinars.


Brand License

IAWP Wellness Coaches gain a license to use branded materials, tools and strategies with their clients, on their websites or anywhere in their business. That means you don’t have to create your own content or client materials, they’re done for you!




Marketing Tools

You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to brand yourself and market your services. We’ve taken care of that for you, too! With your own customizeable website and blog, business card templates and postcards, and other marketing tools you can start using right away, you’ll be set to share your work and passion with others.




Business Support

The IAWP is the only Health and Wellness Coach Training program that provides you a professional membership with ongoing training in Holistic Business so you can be successful after you graduate. As a student in our program, you’ll receive a complimentary IAWP Membership including monthly business training and coaching calls, The Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Toolkit, done-for-your resources like newsletters and articles, listing in our professional directory, referrals, networking and much more.



Continued Education & Ongoing Support

Once you complete your training, you won’t be alone. You’ll have the option to remain a part of the IAWP Community, continue to expand your learning, and stay up-to-date on current wellness and holistic business topics. The IAWP’s mission is for wellness professionals to create thriving businesses, so you’ll have the support you need to be successful and grow your passion into a thriving business for years to come.



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“The IAWP has helped me to define my niche market, understand what product and services to offer…and believe in my dreams and possibilities! The coaching and training calls have been invaluable and I’m excited to keep learning with the IAWP.”

Heather Parentice, Certified Wellness Coach
IAWP Wellness Coach Graduate
Get Real Plan Leader

“Before finding the IAWP I was searching for a way to turn my “hobby” for health and wellness into a career. The IAWP’s Wellness Coach Training Program provided me not only a clear path to my passion, but the success tools to make it happen. I love all of the done-for-you marketing tools I received like workshop scripts, client handouts, and my own website. And because of the focus on holistic business training, I was able to leave my day job and jumpstart my new wellness coaching business! If you want to start a career in health and wellness and be fully supported in your success, the IAWP is your one-stop-shop!”

Lisa LeVerrier, IAWP Certified Wellness Coach

Over the past 16 years, I have been on two journeys. One was related to my career: after numerous years in the same career, I felt unfulfilled and stuck. I wanted to do something more meaningful and didn’t know what that was. The second journey was related to my health: I was told 20 years ago that I had high cholesterol. This was not a complete surprise with the history of heart disease in both my parents’ families. However, I was determined not to end up on cholesterol medication so I embarked on my own path of preventative health care. I had no idea these two worlds would someday collide. When I left my job and dove deep into wellness, self-care, and my kitchen, I found my new passion. I started helping others and realized that if I was going to do this for a career, I wanted support and a solid education in wellness, coaching, and owning my own business. When I found the IAWP, it felt right to me. Being a part of the IAWP has given me more confidence to take my passion to the next level. I’m already on my way to leading workshops, teaching cooking classes, coaching clients, and creating the career I only dreamed of before. I look forward to helping people make informed decisions about their health as they discover they are not doomed to their genetics!

Michele Spear,
IAWP Wellness Coach

“When I first discovered the IAWP, I was instantly drawn to it because it was based on a Holistic lifestyle instead of just basic Nutrition. I knew that so many people struggle with just focusing on the food and not looking at their lifestyle to heal their health, so when I discovered this Program I was ecstatic! The key to being healthy is a Holistic lifestyle not obsessing over every calorie you put in your mouth. The IAWP teaches you this approach to set yourself free from restriction and dieting jail forever!! Not only did the IAWP teach me about a Holistic lifestyle, they taught me a whole new way to live life. The training program taught us how to support ourselves and our income through teaching others the material we’ve learned. You feel so much freedom when you know you can call the shots and take yourself where you want to go with your career. Thank you IAWP for helping me make a career out of my passion!”

Kristina Sloan
IAWP Certified Wellness Coach

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The International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) is a division of Intelligent Health Group, LLC. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the IAWP’s programs and benefits. Results shared on this website are believed to be accurate but not intended to guarantee anyone’s personal results.

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