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Get Trained and Certified in a Unique, Interactive Learning Environment

Our Online Classroom


Our leader training program has been developed so that you can participate at home or work via our online education program. Online education programs are growing nationwide as the fastest and most effective learning environment. Online learning allows you to go at your own pace and use comprehensive, interactive tools like videos, audios and journals to facilitate your learning. Our online classroom is compromised of 14 core modules and takes approximately 300 hours to complete. The IAWP Wellness Coach Certification program is a one-year training program but students enjoy flexible, self-guided learning. This means you can dedicate as much time each week to your learning as fits with your lifestyle. You will become certified upon completing the online classroom, but will enjoy continued education and support for an entire year as you get started with your new business.

Our Philosophy


There’s a lot of information available on how to be healthy – but it’s not always maintainable in the busy lives that most people are now living. The IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification program was developed to help you to teach people how to embark on a new healthy lifestyle that they can maintain with ease. You’ll learn about healthy eating, total mind-body wellness, healthy lifestyle habits, and specifically how to coach clients, lead wellness workshops and build a practice you love! IAWP Certified Wellness Coaches take a holistic approach to wellness and the body, addressing key lifestyle factors such as career, relationships, and physical activity. We combine proven nutritional assessments with intuitive eating training, life coaching, and stress management techniques so you have the tools to guide people to the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. Just some of the topics you’ll learn in your training are:

  • Holistic Health & Nutrition
  • Traditional Diets & Modern Foods
  • Antioxidants & Superfoods
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Being Healthy On-the-Go
  • Preventative Care & Healing
  • Self-Care Techniques
  • Conscious Eating & Living
  • Mindfulness & Stress Reduction
  • Seasonal Balance
  • Body Typing for Health and Wellness
  • Whole Body Fitness
  • Core Food Coaching (our proprietary coaching model you’ll love!)
  • PLUS: Business & Marketing Training for Wellness Professionals

*Make sure to download our Course Catalog for a closer look at What You Will Learn in your training program.

Your Education

We’re proud of our attention to a fun, friendly and positive class environment. We hope to make your education experience the best yet! Our training program is designed to give you the most value for your time and money. We are the only wellness coach training program that provides you with a health and wellness education while teaching you how to lead workshops in your community, coach your clients, and build your business. This means that you won’t just be certified, you’ll be successful! You’ll know how to market yourself as a Certified Wellness Coach and begin working with clients and leading workshops as soon as you finish your training.

Interactive & Supportive

Our online training program allows you to connect with other students through chat rooms and online forums to enhance your education. You can share tips and support one another as you learn. Plus, your learning doesn’t stop after your training program ends. You’ll be connected to our online community and have access to tele-training and continued education resources, where you can get updated on the latest in wellness, expand and refresh your knowledge to better support your clients, and continue to connect with your colleagues.

“I′ve finally discovered how to love my work and stay inspired! Before I even graduated from my Wellness Coach Certification program, the IAWP had shown me how to schedule and book my first wellness events so I could build my confidence in public speaking, start sharing my work right away, and have a ready-to-go system to earn income in my new career. I am now partnering with a major natural foods store and connecting with the ideal population of clients who need my support.”

Bryce Levine, Certified Wellness Coach
IAWP Wellness Coach Graduate & Get Real Plan Leader

Before enrolling in the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification program, I was working as an RN in a doctor’s office helping patients manage their chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity. I had known for quite sometime that my views of conventional healthcare had drastically changed and I was longing for a way to truly make an impact in people’s health that was more in line with my beliefs. I knew in my soul that the medical field was not addressing the biggest reason for our nation’s poor health: nutrition and prevention. I was a;sp looking for more training in coaching as well as to learn the tools needed to take my experience forward toward a business of my own. I found all of that with the IAWP.

Immediately upon enrolling at the IAWP as a student in their Wellness Coach Certification program, I felt validated in my beliefs about wellness and true health and truly supported in these beliefs throughout the program. I learned life changing business knowledge that will now serve me in starting my own business. In addition, I also learned that truly being well was not just about nutrition. I learned about myself spiritually and emotionally and how I really wasn’t taking care of that part of me. The IAWP helped me to heal those things and I am so grateful. I am so excited to share with others how amazing their lives can be when they can achieve health and well being!

Personally, I feel the IAWP has empowered me in so many ways that I know confidently that my life will be how I want it to be and the empowerment will pass on to those I work with as well. Thank You, Suzanne Monroe & the IAWP team!

-Robin Byers, IAWP Wellness Coach

“I am LOVING the IAWP Wellness Coach Training program so much! It really is a perfect blend of academic knowledge in wellness, coaching guidance, and holistic business development. It’s been great to go deeper into subjects I am already passionate about in health and wellness. And the coursework has altered my personal approach to food and wellness already in just the first 30 days in a very positive way. I look forward to all the learning yet to come!”

Melissa Eck, IAWP Wellness Coach Student-in-training


Become a Recognized Health Expert in Your Community

Become a Certified Wellness Coach and Reap The Recognition and Rewards


The International Association of Wellness Professional’s Wellness Coach Certification program is unique in that we not only train you to become a Certified Wellness Coach, but we teach you how to build your business. As a student, you’ll also become an IAWP Member, where you’ll receive ongoing support in Holistic Business.

As you go through your training program, you’ll also learn how to offer the Get Real Plan Workshop, a small group program that can be customized based on your areas of interest and the participants’ individual health concerns. This Signature System provides you with a license to this tool as you support your clients in understanding how to make healthy changes given their unique lifestyle.


Meet Our World Class Health & Wellness Faculty —->

“I now have a system in place for my business and know how to coach my clients to get the results they’re seeking.
“Even though I was already trained in health and wellness, I needed someone to show me how to actually work with clients, help groups of people, lead workshops and structure my business. I gained all this and more through the IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification Program. I now have a system in place for my business and know how to coach my clients to get the results they’re seeking. Suzanne and the IAWP have such a welcoming presence which came through the virtual learning process. It made learning a breeze! Most importantly, this program gave me a goal that’s bigger than me alone – I now see a big vision of what I’m meant to do and how to serve others!”

Beverly Isla, Certified Wellness Coach
IAWP Wellness Coach

“What I am amazed at is the connection to my life coaching experience and the viewpoint of how to heal your LIFE! My training with IAWP has taught me the tools to first of all help myself be a healthier, whole person, then to help guide others toward a healthier life for themselves. I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve learned from this experience.”

Sue Hanna, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher &
IAWP Wellness Coach Graduate

Robin ByersBeing in my final year of Teacher’s College, naturally I began to question the direction in which I would like to take my career once I graduate. I knew that I wanted to work with others but, not in the conventional setting. I love how being a Wellness Coach allows me to do the things I love while inspiring and helping others to do the same. The holistic approach is one that I have been interested for many years as many factors affect the wellbeing of an individual from how many hours of sleep one gets, to relationship statuses and toxins in the environment. Being vegan and the Fitness Coordinator of my University gym, healthy and active living as well as getting people excited about nourishing their bodies is not knew to me. However, the Get Real Plan through the International Association of Wellness Professionals bridged the gap for me between customer service and marketing, and gave me the knowledge I needed in order to help people achieve their goals and to live passionately each and every day. I love how IAWP uses the Get Real Plan which ensures me that I will be certified under a renowned program and enable me to be the best Wellness Coach I can be for my clients. I can’t wait to graduate and enter the field in helping people achieve their full potential without the use of harmful prescriptions. Each person has the power to heal themselves, if they look in the right places and ask the right questions.

Vanessa Bielecki
IAWP Wellness Coach

Legal Disclaimer:
The International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) is a division of Intelligent Health Group, LLC. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the IAWP’s programs and benefits. Results shared on this website are believed to be accurate but not intended to guarantee anyone’s personal results.

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