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ad683396d49e11e2914122000a9f1439_7I’m celebrating! We just finished hosting our biggest event ever, Conscious Biz T.V. It was so amazing to connect with thousands of Conscious-preneurs from across the globe and launch our first-ever online T.V. show. After the event ended, I had consciously planned a getaway to celebrate. Here I am getting a henna tatoo to further mark the celebration. I needed a little reminder right there on my skin about celebrating, because it’s pretty easy for me to jump into the next project! That happens when you love what you do, but I’ve learned that I have to carve out specific time for celebrating and honoring myself. It’s a part of my “practice of receiving” that I’m all about practicing these days! To continue the festivities, we’re hosting a Celebration Sale here at the IAWP. We’ve opening the doors to our all-new IAWP membership at 20% off for 3 days only. If you’ve considered joining the IAWP, now’s the time as we rarely offer public discounts on membership. You can Save 20% when you enter the coupon code CelebrateMe Here now through Thursday June 20th. And when you do, you’ll get access to our recent Conscious Biz T.V. event as a special bonus plus all the benefits of membership including done-for-your resources for your business, support calls and listing in our new professional directory!

Just go here to learn more about support you’ll receive as a member of the IAWP.

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