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4 Strategies to go from Scattered to Savvy in your Coaching Business

Guest Post by Melinda Cohan you’ve ever tried to set up your own business, you’ve probably been inundated with business-building tips, tools and resources. But take them all with a grain of salt – some advice may sound legit but can actually derail your business success, cause you to spend money in un-necessary places and even lose money.  

Here are 4 strategies you want to reconsider.


1. SCATTERED STRATEGY:  As soon as you finish coach training, start marketing to get clients.


SAVVY STRATEGY: Get prepared first!When you complete your training you’re wearing the hat of the coach and your enthusiasm and passion has you ready to make money and start serving clients. However, you are not yet prepared as the business owner for finding or receiving clients and you’re not yet prepared to ask for or receive money. There are a few behind-the-scenes systems to put into place FIRST so you are fully prepared. Investing a small amount of time, in advance, to be prepared and organized will convey confidence, credibility and professionalism right out of the gate.


2. SCATTERED STRATEGY: Just sell coaching and show up for the call.


SAVVY STRATEGY: Provide a value-add approach of exquisite client support. If you buy into this advice of just selling your coaching, then what you’re actually creating is a hobby, not a business. Nothing wrong with that, we just want you to know it. In today’s world it’s no longer enough just to deliver what the client asks for (coaching). First of all this will keep you locked in the trading-time-for-money world, which is very limiting in its possibilities. The most effective strategy is called the value-add package approach and is based on providing more than what the client wants, but rather what they ultimately need to create the optimal experience and the greatest results. Rather than just selling coaching to a prospect, position “Exquisite Client Support” as part of your coaching package. That way when a client is interested in your services they receive so much more from you than just your coaching expertise. They receive:

  • a specific # of coaching sessions over a typical timeframe
  • support prior to each session to help them (and you) get organized
  • support after each coaching session for post-session accountability
  • support in-between coaching sessions for the ‘just in time’ coaching needs that arise.
  • a way to interact with you for homework review and to share recommended resources.
  • money back guarantee

By providing the value-add approach of exquisite client support now you’re immediately engaging your new clients to begin to quickly experience the value of coaching and creating their ROI. Setting up systems to streamline and automate this level of support makes it easy for you to implement without it taking up more of your time.


3. SCATTERED STRATEGY: Wait until you have a full, completed website before you launch your business.


SAVVY STRATEGY: Start with an effective template immediately, however simple it may be, so you can grow your list and make money while you’re (a) getting clear on your niche and copy language and (b) creating a marketing website. Tip: Use it as a steppingstone and allow it to evolve with you. Don’t wait for perfection or a certain number of contacts to launch your business. When you do you’ll be growing your list and generating revenue WHILE you’re behind the scenes creating your full-blown marketing website.


4. SCATTERED STRATEGY: If previous clients want to re-hire you, they’ll be in touch with you when they’re ready.


SAVVY STRATEGY: Always keep in touch with your in-active clients. Your previous clients are actually your #1 source for new clients. Getting new clients from referrals is the best business-building strategy (and the funnest). Keep your former clients organize into a group/segment in your contact list and create an autoresponder series that will ‘touch’ them after 1 month of completing their work with you, again after 3 months and again after 5 months. These simple “touches” can re-ignite areas they’re stuck in and help them remember to utilize you as their coach, activating a new coaching agreement.


Use these 4 tips to check the health of your business. Are you scattered and working against yourself by implementing well-intentioned advice that is actually derailing your business success? You’re invited to join the complimentary webinar training “The Truth Behind The Business Of Coaching: What You MUST Know To Get Clients, Earn Money & Make Your Biggest Impact!”


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I brag that I envisioned a new way for coaches to start, organize and automate their coaching business that gives them the confidence to get clients and make money fast doing what they love. What I know for sure is that most coaches love coaching and being of service to their clients, but despise the idea of running a business. The hundreds of necessary tasks required to run a business quickly become burdens and distractions leaving them in a place of charging low fees, hating marketing and not making money.

One of my greatest gifts in the world is my passion for business systems and processes. I absolutely love organization and the well-oiled machine aspect of helping a business to be successful! I’m a genius at it! And that is what I did when I started my own coaching business. Rather than creating a coaching practice that was disorganized or took countless hours to manually manage I created a web-based technology that encompasses all of the necessary tasks required to start and manage an automated, professional coaching business on one easily-accessible place. And it’s designed for start up coaches that don’t have any experience in setting up a business nor has any desire to spend their time on the administrative activities


Love, Health and Success,