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4 Myths about Building a Holistic Business

Guest Blog Post By Gabrielle Pelicci
mediationwithlaptopDo you want to get rich quick? Then stop reading right now and go get a lottery ticket!   If you want down-to-Earth honest advice about how to build a successful holistic business from the ground up, then keep reading…..
I’m constantly speaking to women who are brilliant at understanding holistic concepts like the mind-body connection, but clueless about the mind-set you need to build a valuable thriving business. Here’s the real deal on some common myths that I see over and over again with holistic practitioners:

1. Build it and They Will Come

When I first started out as a massage therapist back in 2001, I thought that all I had to do was set up my massage table and bodies would magically appear on it. I didn’t know the first thing about getting new clients or building a business. When my massage instructor insisted that I had to do 100 massages if I wanted to graduate, I was in a panic. I thought: Where am I going to find 100 people who want massages?!?!   I was living in a high-rise building at the time so I decided to go door to door, like a Girl Scout selling cookies, and ask people if they wanted a massage. I got about 100 no’s and 1 yes – an elderly woman who lived in a dusty one-bedroom apartment. She was my very first client.
Fast-forward a few years and my massage practice was so full that I had to turn people away. Bodies did not magically appear on my table, but the more that I put myself out there and promoted myself, the more my practice grew. I offered free chair massage at gyms and special events. I went to all the hotel concierge’s and gave them a business card. I worked part-time for some high-end spas and wellness centers. And my business grew and grew one client at a time.
If you think that you can just set up a website or roll out a yoga mat and clients will manifest out of thin air, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s going to take a lot more work than that! You CAN build a thriving prosperous business, but you will have to roll up your sleeves and make the magic happen yourself.

2. How do you eat an Elephant?

Some people read my bio – which says all kinds of flattering things about me like I am a Ph.D. Professor, an “expert blogger,” featured in national media, traveled to 40 countries and so on – and they think: How the heck am I going to do all that?!   I used to think the same thing when I would read the bios of my professors or others that I admired. It seemed like they had accomplished so much and I was SO far away from my goals.
Things take time! You don’t eat an Elephant all at once – you eat it one bite at a time. My Ph.D. took 10 years of college and grad school to accomplish.   My media appearances span another decade of teaching, writing and presenting. You will not manifest that national media appearance during the first week of your business, but you can definitely get there after a few years of building your personal brand (and pestering the right producers and editors).

3. Self-Employed equals DIY

As a solopreneur, there are so many things that we have to juggle on our own – clients, bookings, classes, marketing, networking – it can seem totally overwhelming and draining. After I completed massage school, I did several additional trainings in yoga, meditation and energy medicine. I started adding more and more services to my website and spreading myself out in all different directions. Then I finished my Ph.D. and added a dozen university courses a year to my schedule. It was craziness!!! No matter how much busier I got, though, I never felt like I was doing enough or earning enough to justify hiring help.   I thought: Help is for rich people and I’m not rich (yet).
This past year was the first time that I said: “Screw It. I need help!” I hired a web designer, a social media marketer, a book editor. Wow! What a difference a team makes!   Just because I am self-employed does NOT mean that I have to do everything myself. I need support. I need people to do the things that I don’t know how to do or don’t like to do so that I can focus on the things I love – like writing this blog post to tell you about myths of building a successful holistic business!
If you are super self-reliant like me or if you pride yourself on being an “independent woman,” you may need to ask yourself: How much more effective and productive would you be if you had a team of people helping you? There is no way I could DIY my business anymore – and I wouldn’t want to.

4. You Must be Perfect

This is one that has been surfacing a lot lately in my conversations and interactions. If you’ve ever cried about getting a B+ or winning second place in a contest, there’s a good chance you’re a perfectionist. I know that I am. I’ve procrastinated on all kinds of things because I was afraid that they wouldn’t be good enough – I couldn’t possibly write a book if it isn’t going to be a NY Times Bestseller.   HA! That’s so ridiculous.   We must act in order to improve. We must write bad books before we can write good books. We must give terrible classes before we can sharpen our teaching skills. It’s par for the course.
I guarantee that the first time you try something, you’re not going to be good at it! Who cares!?   You’re driven by passion, a mission to serve, a deep longing to help others. Get out there and be your imperfectly perfect self.
I recently published a book. It’s called Blissful Business: A Gorgeous Guide to Creating Your Dream Career in Health and Wellness and it will help lots of people to navigate the things that we are talking about in this blog post. It won’t be on the NY Times Bestseller List. Oprah won’t recommend it to all her friends. It doesn’t matter. It will still empower and inform people and that’s all that I care about.
You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to do it.
Don’t like reading long blog posts, watch the video blog here.


About: Dr. Gabby is a leading expert on Holistic Medicine and TV Host at Miami-based Health & Wellness Channel.  Dr. Gabby has worked with thousands of clients – including celebrities and high profile people – and has more than a decade of teaching experience under her belt at top universities in Mind-Body Medicine and Holistic Health. Visit for more info about her courses, coaching and community.
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The #1 Reason Holistic Practitioners and Coaches Struggle

Guest Blog by Michelle Bersell


Let me start with some amazing news. If you are a holistic practitioner, studies demonstrate that your income can easily reach the 150K mark per year!   Not bad for doing something you love right? If your income is at that level or beyond, I applaud you because you are experiencing the potential this work has to offer.


At the same time, there are also many holistic practitioners and coaches who are struggling to make ends meet. So, if you find yourself in this category, please know you are not alone! When a holistic practitioner is struggling, what this means on a deeper level is that you aren’t reaching the number of people you are capable of serving. Besides the financial struggle, this tends to pull on your heart strings because you strongly feel this is the work you are meant to be doing in the world. This leaves you committed to your cause, yet struggling to see a path that will allow your business to thrive.


Femida, Goddess of Justice, with scales and sword


Trust me when I say, I know how painful this struggle is. After receiving my training in clinical psychology, I took a pass on the traditional path of psychology. My heart was guiding me to use the training as a coach, so I could guide people to uncover more of their potential. I believed in this path so deeply because it challenged me both personally and professionally.


At the same time, the reality was that my psychology cohorts were building their businesses to six figure practices, while I was barely making 20K a year. Still, I kept the faith and kept working my business to no avail. Each year, at tax time, I would look at the abysmal numbers and just cry. I just could not understand why my heart would guide me down a path that wasn’t taking care of me and my family financially. What happened to “follow your bliss and the money will follow”? Although I absolutely loved my work, a part of me was feeling heartbroken that my bottom line was bottoming out year after year.


Then my wakeup call came. I had accumulated over 130K in debt and had to make a choice. In that moment, I made a commitment to myself. I gave myself one year to pay off this debt. Given that in previous years my income barely reached one-fifth of that goal, I’ll admit, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish that goal. Yet, in nine months, the debt was gone.

Success Stories page dreamstime_1385722

Since then, I’ve been asked “How in the world did you make that leap?” My response was and continues to be “I decided.” Now when I have heard people say something like that before, I would secretly inside be infuriated! I would be screaming in my head “What do you mean you just decided? I decide all the time to bring forward new gifts into my life. It doesn’t mean it happens!”
The reason why this time my decision worked is because I was willing to do things differently. The most important aspect I changed was to look at my financial struggle and lack of clients as an inner problem. Previously, what I had done was try to work on my business rather than myself. What was really holding me back, despite all the amazing inner work I had already done, was ME.
After successfully navigating through this time in my career, I shared my story with my community. Soon thereafter, I began getting emails from other coaches and holistic entrepreneurs asking me if I would be willing to guide them to have the same breakthroughs with their businesses. And so I did.
What I quickly realized was my #1 block was also theirs too. The #1 block holistic practitioners have is looking outside of yourself for the solution rather than inside of yourself. You are the cause to the effect of your reality. Once I (and then those I mentored) took this seriously, the results completely changed…with some even quadrupling their business in months!
The bottom line is that your business shows you where you need to grow internally. Because changing the bottom line of your business is as simple as “you make a decision,” yet internally more complicated than that, I decided to host a webinar on the topic. This way I can give you more and you can learn more quickly than I did!

The webinar is titled “The 3 Real Reasons Coaches and Holistic Practitioners

Struggle AND What You Can Do About It.” Please register right away, as the webinar is happening in just a few days! Register here.


This webinar is an opportunity to take a look at what “I made a decision to change” really takes from the inside in order to see the results on the outside. I can’t wait to share the details with you!

Warm Best,
Michelle Bersell
2014 headshot
Michelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed., is known as a visionary leader in emotional empowerment who challenges people all over the globe to uncover the unconscious beliefs holding them back in life. Combining her innovative ideas along with her training in clinical psychology and education, Bersell is transforming Holistic Entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and experience their fullest potential within their business and life. Besides media attention in Women’s World magazine, Parents magazine,The Huffington Post, and Fox Television, Bersell is featured in the upcoming film documentary GOOD LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity.
Love, Health and Success,

Suzanne Monroe is the Founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals and Director of the IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification & Training Program. For more information and for your complimentary Wellness Coach Career Kit, please visit



“Are You Being Called?”


One of the “inner game” concepts that I’ve been sharing with my clients lately is that if you feel called to do the work you’re doing in the world, there is someone (or more likely… multiple someones) on the other end, energetically calling you.
Imagine a phone ringing… someone is calling you, and you decide to pick up the phone.
If you felt called, where did that call come from?
There must be someone on the other end calling you.
Or you wouldn’t feel called.
So all you need to do is pick up the phone and connect with the people that are already calling you.
I’ve been experiencing this strongly first-hand…
A couple of years ago, I felt called to host the first List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building Challenge.  It made absolutely no logical sense with what I was doing in my business at the time.  But I couldn’t shake the idea.  My whole body buzzed with energy and excitement every time I thought about it.
I answered the call. 
And thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world participated in that magical event.  Over the next year or so, it significantly transformed my business.
Then the List-a-Palooza community asked me to host the event again last year.  I had only planned to do it once, but I thought, “Why not?  This was super fun!  I can do it again.”
It was even bigger and more transformative than the first one.
However, as you can imagine, hosting an event like this is a big project.  So even though I had tentatively scheduled the dates for 2014, I decided that two years was good enough and it was time to move on to something else.
Suddenly, about a week and a half ago, I woke up one morning with that amazing buzzing energy coursing through me again and had the thought, “I need to do List-a-Palooza again!”
I would never advise someone to start a project like this 2 weeks before the event is scheduled to begin.  That’s just crazy!  Normally, I’d start organizing it 4-6 months ahead of time.  But I feel the call so strongly right now that I just can’t ignore it. So I’m trusting that it will all come together perfectly.
It’s a strange and surreal experience, learning to trust that call.  But I’ve had enough experience with it at this point, that I do trust it.
What if the fact that you’re reading this means that you are being called?
Right now.
What if there are people out there actually praying for you to show up in their lives?
When they finally meet you, they’ll say things like, “I manifested you!”
Ask yourself, “What do I need to do today to show up for my people?” and “What do my people need to hear from me today?”
Then listen for the answer.  According to my friend, Pamelah Landers, everyone receives guidance a little differently… you may hear or see things, you may “just know” things, you may feel and tune in empathetically, or you may feel a response in your gut.
It’s time for you to show up for your people like never before!



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PJ Van Hulle is an acclaimed international speaker who works with speakers, authors, and coaches to grow their e-mail lists so that they can attract more clients and sales, with less effort and stress.  She’s the author of the Little Book of Prosperity, the co-author of Make Your Connections Count, and the host of the List-a-Palooza 90-Day List-Building Challenge

Love, Health and Success,