Have you heard of “Be Yourself Marketing?” Probably not, since I just invented the term!, but surely you have seen it in action and know what I mean. It all comes down to being yourself as you share your work and message with the world. As a wellness professional, remaining authentic in your work is undoubtedly really important to you. You’re probably drawn to other “be yourselfers” who exemplify this easy-going, loving, authentic way of sharing who they are and seamlessly blending it with what they do for a living. I share one of my personal fav’s in this article.

So, are you being yourself in your marketing…when you share blog posts, newsletters, social media updates, videos, articles, write marketing copy for brochures or postcards, or however else you communicate with your clients?

When it comes to sharing your message with the world, you want to connect with your ideal clients in a way that feels right to you and to them. It’s common for wellness pro’s to shy away from marketing and the dreaded Sista’ Sales, because we don’t want to be seen as pushy, “sales-ey”, inauthentic, and let’s face it, down right annoying. Who would? But then you run up against the big challenge: how do you help your potential clients understand your work and buy from you without feeling like you’re marketing to them?

In other words, how do you get your word out there while still remaining true to YOU? My favorite question! And I have the answer for you….

Be Yourself Marketing

If authentically sharing your message while effectively reaching your ideal clients is important to you (and it should be!), then you’re going to love implementing Be Yourself Marketing. It’s the most exciting trend I’ve seen in business yet and it’s perfect for health and wellness entrepreneurs. You’ve come across it everywhere and hopefully you’ve jumped on the bandwagon already in how you communicate your work to the world.

A great example of a “Be Yourselfer” is Brian Johnson of Philosopher’s Notes. If you haven’t checked him out, you’re gonna love this! Talk about being real…

So what are experts like Brian doing so well that you can learn from?

Two things: One, they’re using personal ways of communicating who they are and what their message is and Two, they’re not distinguishing between who they are and what they do. It’s one in the same!

Make the Shift

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and social media have allowed us all to just be ourselves. The line between our business and personal lives have meshed…there’s no keeping them separate anymore! If you’re someone who feels a little uncomfortable about that (i.e. you’re probably struggling with keeping your business posts separate from “what you did over the weekend” updates ), then it’s time to make a shift. Here’s why….

Your existing and potential clients want to know you at a deeper level. They want to feel connected with who you are as a person, not just with what your business is about. And this isn’t some tricky way to get them to buy from you, but it just so happens that your potential clients will be attracted to you, because they’ll feel connected and want to stay connected. Don’t you want to buy from people you know and love and respect? Their stuff just flows and resonates with you, so you want to be a part of it. It’s because they’re shining their light out there in such a big way that attracts you to them.

If you’re not sure if your struggling with Be Yourself Marketing or not, here’s some clues to let you know that you might be hiding out a little:

*You have more than one Facebook account, one for business and one for personal (this is a clue you’re keeping who you are out of what you do.)
*You wait more than 60 seconds to determine what you are going to say when you update a post (this is a sign you may be thinking too much and worrying what others might think)
*You are afraid to do a Youtube video because you don’t like what you look like on camera or aren’t sure what you would say.
*You struggle with how to introduce yourself at networking events or social functions.

How did you score? Listen, if you want to get over this privacy hurdle and just be yourself in your marketing, not only so you can attract more clients to you but so you can really step into who you are in all that you do, then get started with some of these simple steps.

Simple Steps to Be Yourself Marketing

1. Ask yourself what is it that is so uncomfortable about opening up to who you are to your potential clients. Make sure who you are is in alignment with the work that you do.
2. Determine if you could release that expectation in #1 and what would happen if you did? Let go and go for it.
3. Test out a few new Be Yourself Marketing trials – make your first video or host your first teleseminar and share some personal stories.
4. Ask your clients and potential clients what’s most challenging to them? You’ll probably find they share their personal stories with you, so be open to connecting with them in the same way and watch the magic happen!

Moving into expressing yourself through your work is free-ing. You don’t have to worry about being one way to a certain group or another way to those who know you. Be yourself and have fun. That’s the joy of being an entrepreneur, isn’t it? You don’t have to wear a stuffy business suit to work if you don’t want to , so why not be yourself in all you do.

Share some of your Be Yourself Marketing favorites below!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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