Attract Clients with Article Writing for Wellness Professionals

Are you writing articles on your topic of expertise?

Most holistic practitioners and coaches know they “should” write articles, but the majority aren’t doing
it on a consistent basis. If you aren’t writing articles, then you may not realize the impact your words can have on the screen.

Beyond putting your fingers to the keyboard, there’s certain things you must do to write the right kind of articles that build your community. If you aren’t leveraging articles to bring new people into your “world”, you’re missing a major opportunity to shine as an expert and grow your business at the same time….and ultimately connect with clients you love.

Here’s a few reasons why you want to write articles:

Value for Your Current Clients

Your clients want to keep in touch with you and know that you are consistently connected to what’s most important to them. When you share articles with them, they see that you care about what’s on their minds and are available to them as not only a resource, but the resource. It also allows you to leverage your time by writing once and impacting many.

Attract New Clients

One of the main reasons to write articles is to attract new clients to your work. As a wellness professional,
potential clients want to hear your take on things and learn about you before they take the next step in working with you. Providing them value up front is essential to building a new relationship that turns into a lasting one.

Stand Out as an Expert

In a sea of holistic practitioners and coaches, you want to stand out and be known as an expert in your field. Whatever your niche is, you want to be known for it, and one of the best ways to be known is to share your expertise on your subject. That means you can’t just write articles, they have to be the “right” kind of articles. Right articles are ones that are narrowed to your niche, answers problems you’re niche is having and provides valuable solutions. Right articles also should have a way for clients to learn more about you and provide a next step solution, like a juicy giveaway on your website that continues to engage your potential client.

Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Once you have that juicy offer on your website, you’ll want to add it in the bio section of your articles, so people everywhere reading your article can click to the next step with you. You can send your articles out through your newsletter or email service, but don’t forget to post your articles on sites that will share your articles with the world for you. That means with a push of the button, your content is uploaded as expert content. Try or And for wellness professionals, is a great place to post expert content in the health and wellness field.

Form Strategic Partnerships

If you are consistently writing articles, you’ll begin to notice something. It takes a lot of work to be consistent! You might want to outsource some of your article writing to other like-minded experts. You can bring in some guest writers to post articles and your subscribers will love that you are connected to even more resources for them. You can also share your article content with other biz owners who will most likely be thrilled to have you write for them. Connect with like-minded professionals who are actively sharing content with their client list so you can cross-promote. Don’t forget to always provide a link back to your site for your “next step” so your article works for you.

If you need help in creating content, remember that if you’re an IAWP Member, you have access to a whole year of content articles. You can use these to integrate with your newsletters, blogs or other ways you
communicate with clients. That’s just one of the many Benefits of becoming an IAWP Member.

If you’ve posted any great articles, submit your comments below and provide a link to your words of wisdom, and your website, too!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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2 thoughts on “Attract Clients with Article Writing for Wellness Professionals

  1. Mary Rives

    Thanks, Suzanne. This is really helpful. I love to write and am in the launching stages of my coaching practice and business. Thus, writing has taken a back seat. Your piece here is a good reminder of tending to the writing and it is so generous that you are sharing your library of articles with us. I may indeed quote you, with your permission, of course. Thanks again!
    Mary Rives

  2. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Mary – Thanks for posting and I’m glad you are getting back into writing! It’s a fantastic way to share your message and support your clients, while connecting with new clients as well.
    You’re welcome to share this article or any quote whenever you would like, as long as you include the following, complete blurb with it:

    Are you a wellness professional, holistic health practitioner, or other health-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to learn the business and marketing tools to create lasting success? Get your FREE Wellness Professional’s Success Starter Kit at and jumpstart your wellness practice today. Suzanne Monroe is a Wellness Business Coach and the Founder & CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals, where passionate practices become thriving businesses.


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