Are You Wearing Outrageous Underwear in Your Biz?

Wearing outrageous underwear is one of the
“Rules for an Extraordinary Life” that I saw
in an inspirational video that I want to share
with you.

But first, let me explain.

To me wearing outrageous underwear, whether under
your business suit, your skinny jeans or your
comfy yoga pants, is a fun reminder about not
taking life too seriously on the path to going
for your dreams.

Since having my baby boy, I’m reminded
daily of not taking things too
seriously…including having to change his
diaper after having just put on a new one,
listening to loads of “well-meaning” advice from
everyone you meet and learning to adjust to a new
level of energy from many sleepless nights.

If I took this too seriously, I would miss
all the magic of these moments.

It reminds me how it’s easy to do this in your
business, too.

See, too many people waste too much time
taking life too seriously….including
Holistic Entrepreneurs.

Too many holistic pro’s get caught up in
worrying about finding new clients,
figuring out how to market themselves and
wondering how to pay the bills.

What’s the problem?

When you don’t surround yourself with
mentors who think bigger than you and a
community that gets where you’re going,
it’s easy to focus on the things that
won’t help you move ahead and you end up
staying stuck.

I want to remind you about how you
can get in on some amazing support and
get out of stuck mode so you can get on
the fast track to living and breathing
the holistic biz of your dreams.

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Okay, now back to the inspirational video…
It’s a reminder about not taking life too
seriously and I don’t know about you, but I’m
a sucker for these short, sometimes tear-jerking

My personal fav’s are:

*Eat Inspiring Food (Otherwise why eat?, in my opinion)

*Don’t be an A-dull-t (Something I’m learning a lot about
lately as a new mom!)

*Be a Friend to Money…not a slave (excellent reminder for
holistic entrepreneurs)

*Don’t Postpone Joy!!!!

Share your favorite “rules” below….
Then let’s break the rules together for what’s
possible for you in your business when you join the
IAWP here:

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe
The International Association of
Wellness Professionals

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