Are You Ready for an Assistant?

Guest Post By IAWP Faculty Member Sharla Jacobs


forgetfulAbout nine years ago, we realized we were at a crossroads in our business. We were pulling all nighters to get our work done and working crazy hours on a regular basis. We felt dog-tired and burnt out, but at the same time we didn’t think we could afford to hire someone to help us.


We were making enough money to pay our own bills, but we were afraid to take the leap of hiring an Assistant …would we be able to get enough clients to cover his or her salary?


So we were at the crossroads that most Coaches, Practitioners, and Entrepreneurs reach at one time or another (and if you’re not already there, you’ll probably be there at some point)… the point when you realize you just can’t do it alone.


Frankly, you shouldn’t want to do it alone. Why? Because not only is it so much more fun to do it with support; more importantly, there are things that you shouldn’t be spending time on in your business. These are the things that drag you down and shut down your energy. You know what these tasks are because these are the tasks you typically procrastinate.


And the truth is: if you want to grow beyond just you in a private practice (and especially if you want a six figure-plus business), you’re just not going to be able to do it without some support.


So we’re going to recommend a powerful strategy that you need to implement to get to the next level in your business: BUILD YOUR SUPPORT TEAM!


So what is a support team?


A support team is made up of the people you bring in to support you to do what you do best. They help YOU serve more people by taking care of tasks that you don’t like or you’re just not good at. And they give you more space and time to do what you do best…serve your clients.


The good news is that you can start small. You can start by hiring an Assistant for as little as $12-$20 per hour for just five hours per week. Even though it may not seem like a lot of time, there’s so much that can be accomplished in five hours.


Just think about five hours full of things you don’t want to do. Give them to someone else to complete. Imagine what would be possible for you and your business! You can use this time to do the things that generate income for you.


The great thing about hiring someone, even for just a few hours a week, is that you’ll be sending the Universe a clear message that you do not want to run your business alone and that you’re willing to accept help.


Quick tip: Make sure they create checklists for everything while you’re training them to take stuff over for you. This way, they won’t need to come back and ask you questions all the time, and when it’s time to have someone new take over their tasks, you’ve got an easy training manual.


And now that you’ve gained back five hours of your life each week (and tons of energy because you’re no longer drained by doing tasks you hate), use that additional time and energy to have more Heartselling conversations, get more speaking gigs, rest and play.


In other words, shift your focus from administrative work to attracting more clients, and you’ll see a huge return on your investment very quickly.


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SharlaAward-Winning Million Dollar Mentor, Sharla Jacobs, and her husband Jesse Koren, are two of the world’s leading authorities in helping coaches, practitioners and entrepreneurs add six figures to their income.


When they first started out, they struggled to get enough clients to make ends meet. Fortunately, they figured out an effective and heart-based method for attracting tons of new clients. In their first year together, they went from 0-$175,000. They have now taught their step-by-step system to over 20,000 people.


Jesse and Sharla also believe in giving back. They have given over 6 million dollars in scholarships to their own events. And they have contributed over $100,000 to causes they believe in.


If you look at the rising transformational leaders of today, you’ll find that many of them made their first six figures while studying with Jesse and Sharla. To learn more about Sharla Jacobs, visit


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