Are You Playing too Perfect In Your Wellness Business?

I hope you’ve had a great week! I filmed a quick wellness biz tip for you that is a short, sweet reminder about something really important for your business…and frankly, your life, too!

Check out my video here:

This video tip will inspire you to get into action with your business, especially if you…

*Stall in putting your stuff out there until it’s perfect (you know that day never comes, right?)

*Wait until all of the stars are in alignment before you take action

*Complete every finishing touch on your newest program before launching it your potential clients
(No kidding! The BEST way to launch your program is to share it first and enroll your ideal clients, THEN create and complete it. If you want to know more, on this, check out my note below!)

*Or measure yourself to other Health and Wellness Professionals and then wonder why you aren’t further along in your journey.

All of the above are strategies that won’t support you and your business.

Stop the madness!

Important Note If You are Struggling with Marketing Your Programs as a Wellness Professional:
How to Launch First then Create

If you’re struggling with how to market your programs, you most likely aren’t using my “Launch, Enroll
then Create” strategy.
This is how I’ve taken my Signature programs and filled them with
clients I absolutely love in one day. If you want to join me in an upcoming, very exclusive, hands-on, small group on how to Launch and Enroll your Ideal Clients in Your own Signature System…while Leveraging your time and inspiring more people at the same time, then check out my second video here:

Then go here to learn more:

Now, go get on that first small step, would you?

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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