Are You Doing What Comes Naturally in Your Biz?

Since you’re in the business of natural health, you totally get what it means to live naturally. Organic foods, meditation, supplements, yoga, fitness, or whatever else you do to take care of your body, mind and spirit and fill yourself up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Living naturally literally comes naturally to you, which is why your clients see you as a model. But do you follow this same motto in your business?

Are you doing what comes naturally to you in your business, or are you listening to what everyone else is telling you that you should be doing?

Focus Your Energy on What You do Best

Doing what comes naturally in your business means focusing your time on your talent. That is, focusing your energy on what you do best. But why does it seem there are so many things you should be doing? (Don’t you just despise the word “Should” anyway?) Once you’re in the game, you realize there’s 100s of experts telling you 100 strategies you should be using to build your business.

Oops, foot in mouth, I’m one of them! I’m always sending you marketing and biz tips that you should be doing and I truly believe you need to have a mentor you resonate with and learn their success secrets so you can grow. And I love to give away my best biz secrets to my clients….
BUT…. I always say that there’s something you should focus on first.

What’s that? Start where you feel most comfortable.

I recommend taking an inner check, quieting the mind and coming back to yourself so you can remember what feels good to you and where you feel most comfortable.

Being comfortable when you get started allows you to really shine and gain confidence. Being comfortable is a sign you are doing what comes naturally to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about taking steps outside your comfort zone…when the time is right. But why not start where you really shine first and then grow from there?

It’s what I did to build my business.

I started with public speaking and workshops, because I feel very comfortable talking in front of groups.

So if you love speaking to groups, get out there and speak. But if you hate standing on stage, then maybe doing a webinar would be a better way of connecting with your tribe. Do you love being on camera? Then focus your energy of videos for your community. If you love writing, start with a blog for your niche. It seems simple, but it’s easy to forget.

Are you a Marketing Failure?

Wait a minute! As a holistic practitioner, what if you just love listening and coaching your clients…are you a marketing failure? Absolutely not! Why not host a live teleseminar where you provide live coaching to your listeners. So valuable!

Got Business Bliss?

If you aren’t tapped into the core of your being in your biz, then likely you’re not where you want to be in terms of clients, income or what I call, Business Bliss (lit up, on purpose, knowing what to do every day and having complete fun and joy as you follow your passion and create the lifestyle you desire.)

When you start with what you’re good at, you can build your business quickly and effectively….and most importantly, your potential clients will be drawn to you because you’re tapped into your heart center.

Tell me, what comes naturally to you in your business? Share here on our blog and tell me one action step you’ll take now to reignite your beautiful, natural talent!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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17 thoughts on “Are You Doing What Comes Naturally in Your Biz?

  1. Denise Benson


    Thanks for your advice! This is very helpful and I’m really looking forward to moving my business forward. I like the idea of starting where I’m comfortable and then expanding from there.

    Thanks again!

  2. Kris Ward

    Suzanne! I didn’t even know you were pregnant. Huge congrats new mama!! How exciting.

    Wonderful post too. I was just having this same conversation with one of my clients who desperately needed the same reminder. I sent her over to your post to get a double dose.

    I’m actually 3 months pregnant too. My first. We need to get reconnected and talk babies soon. So much love to you sister.



  3. Suzanne Post author

    Hey Kris! You just came into my mind the other day! Sooo great to hear from you and a BIG congrats! Yes, let’s talk bebes! Thanks for sending your client to the post. Are you still in France?

  4. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Denise – Thanks for your post and I’m excited to hear how things are going for you!

  5. Annie

    I have a blog that I started and enjoy doing. But need some help getting out there to search engines and getting found by people. Any suggestions or links?

  6. Suzanne Post author

    HI Annie, There’s lots of ways to attract clients and readers to your blog, but first you must consider who you want to read your blog and why. Being clear on your ideal client and target market is key so you can be effective with your blog.

  7. Yasmin Lambat

    Suzanne I’m so grateful for the wonderful tips you’re allways sharing on growing my business. You’ve reminded me how important it is to focus on what I love doing best and attracting the clients I love working with. I got bogged down with trying to offer too much and now I’m focusing on my niche. Wishing you ease harmony and flow.


  8. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Yasmin – Thanks for commenting! It’s easy to think of all of the things you can offer your clients if you’re a creative entrepreneur, but I’m glad you are re-focusing!

  9. Ralph (Australia)

    I am a counsellor and wanting to establish my practice. People are more likely to spread the word about natural health practitioners than counsellors as not everyone wants to broadcast that they have been to a counsellor, but I am looking at every possible way to promote my practice. Are there other counsellors on the list?
    Warm regards,
    Ralph (Sydney, Australia)

  10. Suzanne Post author

    Hello Ralph, Thanks for your post and question. The IAWP is home to therapists and practitioners of a variety of backgrounds. We would welcome you and would be excited to support you in growing your holistic counseling practice! If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us at [email protected]. – Suzanne

  11. Rehana Daud

    I need help in setting up website, webinars and writing blogs. i am not comfortsble with computers and i have to drag myself todo any work on it.
    Reiki does not seem to work on manypeople for reasons unknown…
    Hypnosis and Reiki are also considered to be anti islamic in my community which is sheer ignorance .
    Counseling or coaching is more acceptable but i do not have premises for it , living in subsidised housing.
    I need to use the prmises of a well established holistic health practitioner and arrange mutually acceptable terms. i have tried but no success so far locally.
    I believe that natural medicine or naturpathy will be most acceptable to my community but i will have to go on training which costs money.
    I have a few stories in my head which i would love to write but that will not make money until i find a promoter or promote myself which again needs cash as well as technical expertise.

  12. Dave

    starting where you feel comfortable makes a lot of sense
    it’s a foundation on which you can stand
    and wherever you stand should be
    the focus in your business
    making you real and connectible with your clients
    it’s your story, it’s truth and that is what your paying clients come back for

  13. Julie

    Hi Suzanne,

    Thanks for all your tips. I am working towards a career in health/wellness counseling. Your tips always give me lots to think about and are helping me formulate my “plan of attack” once my training is complete.


  14. Suzanne Post author

    Thanks for posting Dave, I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts. – Suzanne

  15. Suzanne Post author

    So glad it’s supportive for you Julie, keep us posted on your launch! Love, Health & Success, Suzanne Monroe

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