Are you distracting yourself from your purpose?

Are you distracting yourself from your purpose?

You know, the constant email checking, the tweeting, the apps, the television….

And whatever else you mindlessly do every day.

Most Holistic practitioners and coaches do business online these days. So being a part of social media and reading your emails seems like something important you need to be doing in your business.

But have you ever stopped to wonder if you’re distracting yourself from your purpose?

Are you standing in the way of something even bigger you’re meant to be doing?

Cause there’s nothing wrong with being connected and informed…but what happens when your all this stuff makes you feel busy and important and oddly fulfilled, but not really on purpose and even empty inside.

Recently I was feeling an emptiness inside and so I decided to dig deeper.

So I took a TV Detox. Now I’m not someone who really watches a lot of TV anyway, but I found that the very little amount of TV I was watching was actually standing in the way and distracting me from my purpose.

I saw the few hours per week that was going to TV and how it was holding me back from going deeper into myself and being able to evolve to the next level.

I was numbing myself. And it felt good, but only that sort of “half-full” kind of good. I felt there was something even better waiting for me.

So I committed to 21 days without TV (supposedly enough to change a habit) and guess what? It worked. 21 days went by and I didn’t even know my detox was up. I was TV free and loving it!

But something more important happened:

Everyone told me I was going to get so much more done. But that’s not what happened. Because I didn’t want to “do” more. I wanted to just “be”. Instead of numbing myself with a few hours of TV, I was left with space. There was that emptiness I was wondering about .

And that space was the little piece of me that needed to come through. It couldn’t come through before because I didn’t create room for it. But without distraction, there it was, as clear and plain as day. A beautiful gift with a message…

“Now’s the time.”it said.

The gift allowed me to take the next step in my personal evolution. Something I might have waited years for if I kept distracting myself.

So I’m curious, who would you be if you were on purpose in your business? (comment below if you’re inspired to.)

Could you be helping more people?
Could you be sharing a great gift with the world?
Could you be earning more income?
Could you be spending more quality time with people you love?
Could you have more freedom and fun?
Could you have a deeper relationship with your self?

This is about transformation. Something all holistic practitioners and coaches care deeply about, but don’t always know how to create it for themselves or their clients. 2013 is the year of Transformation, we’ve actually entered a new era and it’s super exciting. That’s why I’m talking transformation and big breakthroughs in your business next week on my complimentary webinar, join me here if you want in.

That’s why I’m talking transformation and big
breakthroughs in your business next week on
my complimentary webinar.

Join me here

I promise it’ll be chock full of content and tools
you can use in your business right away to make
a difference.

Go here to learn more and register for
this complimentary training.

See you there!

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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