7 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Jumpstart Your Holistic Biz

One of the smartest things I’ve done
over the years is reinvesting in myself
and my business.

Which is why if you’re getting mo’ney
back from your taxes this year,
(fingers crossed!) then you’ll want
to consider one of the
7 Smart Ways to Use your Tax
Refund to Jumpstart your Biz

that I’m sharing with you today.

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Now, onto how to be smart with that
extra moola this year….

7 Smart Ways to Use Your
Tax Refund to Jumpstart your
Holistic Biz


#1 – Build Your Team

Whether it’s hiring your first
VA or expanding your
team, using your tax dollars
to get more support is a great way
to grow. It frees up your time to
focus more on what you love
doing in your business and
will help you to go to the
next level as a business owner.

#2 – Mindful Marketing

Investing in marketing do’llars
is a smart strategy, as long as
you have a PLAN. For
example, DON’T invest in Facebook
ads if you have no idea what
you’re doing or no strategy in
place. DO invest in marketing
when it is “mindful”, will
reach your ideal clients and you
have a followup plan in place.

#3 – Holistic Business Training

Most Holistic practitioners & Coaches
tend to spend extra do’llars on getting
more certifications and training,
especially when they’re struggling
in their business. It’s normal to
think that the reason you don’t
have clients is because you don’t have
enough to offer, but it’s simply NOT

THE TRUTH! The REAL reason you
don’t have more clients is because
you don’t know how to effectively reach
them and you’re missing some of the
business skills that can be learned
from an experienced mentor or
valuable business training program.

Investing in business training is
THE SMARTEST thing I’ve done
in my business over the years.
If you want to go to the next level and
are serious about helping people,
then reinvesting in YOU is essential
to success.

#4 – Office Update

While spending time remodeling your
office is fun and could provide
some needed Feng-Shui, a
real Office Update means making
sure your technology and business
systems are up to date. If you’re
working on a slow computer,
running your business with
your personal phone rather than
a dedicated line for your business, or
if you don’t have a client management
or shopping cart system, then
giving your office systems an update
is a must for running your biz like
a Holistic Pro.

#5 – Community and Events

Do you ever feel like you’re
going-it-alone? If you don’t have
a thriving community cheering you
on as a Holistic-Preneur, then
spending your tax refund to
get connected and inspired is a
smart idea. Joining
professional organizations,
industry associations or attending
seminars and events where you
can network with like-minded peers
is essential to business growth.
You can wisely use your tax refund
to book your lodging and travel
for an upcoming event or hand-
select the best groups to join
that will hold you accountable to
your goals.

#6 – Pay Down Debt

Perhaps you’ve invested in
your business already and haven’t
had a change to pay down your
debt yet. Take the opportunity
to pay down your debt now
and then focus on Client
Attraction so you can increase
ca’sh flow quickly.

#7 – Build a Reserve

If you have big plans ahead
for your business and know
you’ll need some savings to
invest in your project, then
build a reserve with your tax
do’llars. Simply create
a business savings account that
has interest as a benefit and you’ll
be saving smart for your business.

Remember, investing in yourself
and your business is a smart
strategy, so make sure to congratulate
yourself as you consciously
make the decision to be a successful
Holistic-Preneur and grow to the
next level!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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