5 tips to Love Your Clients Up on Valentines

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image12930993Valentines’ Day only comes once a year and it’s can be a fun way to let your clients know how much you appreciate them. ‘Cause without your clients, you wouldn’t be in business! The problem for most Holistic Pro’s is that there’s only so many hours in the day and it’s easy to spend most of your time focusing on getting new clients or doing new marketing. But nurturing your existing clients is one of the best things you can do.
I like to keep my Valentines’ Day love simple and sweet.

Here’s 5 few tips you can implement by tomorrow to show your clients some love:

Send a Special Email
Send a simple email expressing appreciation for your clients. Let them know how much having them as a client means to you. For some clients, this may be the only “love letter” they’ll receive.
Share a delicious, healthy Valentines’ treat
Everyone loves a little sweet treat on Valentines’ Day! If you see clients in person, you can make them something, create a recipe card or share your Top 5 Tips for self-love on Valentines’ (bubble bath?) Or simply create online access to this special tip or goodie.
If you don’t have one, use the recipe below for Cacao & Pistachio Bark, one of my favorites!
Offer a heartfelt gift
Everyone likes a gift! Keep it simple and create a pdf report of tips, a video message from you, an audio clip, or access to a special live call with you where you can answer questions from your community or clients.
Make sure to keep your gift personal. Who doesn’t love something homemade! Share a personal story or a personal favorite tip or idea.

A few other things to keep in mind when loving up your clients on Valentines:

Don’t sell anything – The main reason for sending a Valentines Day promotion or gift is just to express your gratitude and appreciation for your clients. So don’t use this as an opportunity to sell anything or create discounts on your products. Just offer something of great value without a pricetag and it will be extra sweet!
Don’t overcomplicate – Don’t get overwhelmed in what to do or how to say it. Keep it simple for yourself and sweet for your clients. Speak from your heart and hit send!
I’d love to hear from you! What are you doing to love your clients up on Valentines’ Day. Share your comments below.
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One thought on “5 tips to Love Your Clients Up on Valentines

  1. Virginia

    Suzanne – good reminder that simplicity is effective when giving of yourself to others. It is truly the pleasant thought that counts – not the size or amount of a gift. Come from your heart.

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