Are you a Wellprenista?

Happy Tuesday! Does the weekend seem far away to you by now? I have to say one reason I cherish the weekends is because I truly enter a different mode, a different flow and a creative space. Because
my work lights me up, I’m the type of person who might just keep working all weekend long, since it doesn’t feel like work most of the time. Maybe you can relate. But I also know the importance of time away for just being and of course, spending quality time with the people I love. So turning off my business mind and easing myself into relaxation is something I make sure I don’t forget to do.

Are you making enough space for Creative Time in your business?

My creative time might mean taking a long walk, catching up on reading, but mostly it’s about just being. As a result, sometimes some pretty big ideas come to me about my work. Even though I’m not “working”, I’m receiving inspiration because I’m allowing space for creativity.

That’s what Step 5 in my Holistic Business System is all about – Creative Time Away in your business
and why you have to plan it in. There’s lots of benefits, which I don’t have to convince you of as a
health-minded practitioner, but what I love best is the great ideas that suddendly can show up.

Like what came to me this weekend….

I was on a long walk in nature. Completely tuned into the spring air, examining
the wild flowers along the path…when POW! All of a sudden this vision of a conscious, inspired entrepreneur
came to mind, one who grows with ease and confidence while inspiring and supporting others.

She’s someone who is doing amazing things in the world in an empowered way that is also balanced and true to her self. She’s truly a….Wellprenista!

I love this name! It just came to me as a perfect description for this empowered wellness professional.

Want to know if you’re a Wellprenista? Take my short quiz to find out. Just 5 questions right here in Step #6:

By the way, all you guys out there, I’m not leaving you out, just change the “a” to “o”, Wellprenisto! 😉

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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