3 Tips to Creating Bigger and Better Breakthroughs for your Clients

Do you love helping your clients but wonder sometimes why they don’t follow through or aren’t seeing the results you want them to? It can be frustrating and even worse, can make any talented holistic practitioner begin to question her skills. Before you let your confidence drop and start to doubt yourself, take a closer look at what might be going on for your client.

First off, know this: when a client isn’t staying committed to what they say they want, it has nothing to do with your worth. Instead, the client is holding back from reaching her goals due to some hidden, underlying issues. And that’s where you have the opportunity to step up and help her uncover those hidden gems so she can create bigger, better results with you. This helps clients get what they want and creates more raving fans for you.

So where do you start? Follow these three tips to help your clients create bigger breakthroughs:

  1. Help them Define Success & Failure – What you might see as a failure (i.e. the client not losing the 20 pounds she set for her goal), the client might actually see as a success (she lost 10 lbs and feels great again!) Before your begin working with a client, ask him/her what would success look like? Also find out “What would a Failure look like in your eyes?” With these two answers, you’ll both have a clear image of what their results will really mean for them.
  2. Celebrate Small Successes – Make sure to celebrate each success a client achieves, no matter how big or small. You can ask them at the start of each session “What was something that went well for you since we last spoke?” Take time to celebrate the success before the client offers up his/her challenges that he/she wants to work on in the new session. This is extremely valuable because it helps the client to see what things are going well and be motivated by small steps that will ultimately lead to a larger end result. It also helps them to see the value that your support is providing and keeps them committed to moving forward.
  3. Uplevel your Coaching Skills – No matter if you see yourself as a coach or not, as a Holistic Professional you’re likely dishing out tons of advice to your clients and working with them to help them make changes in their life. The difference between those who call themselves “coaches” and those who see themselves doing “hands-on” therapy only, is that one is charging for the advice and the other is giving it away for free! Knowing how to help people get what they say they want is simply a matter of knowing how to coach them effectively. No matter your modality, adding coaching to your skill set will truly serve your clients (and help you charge more for your programs and services! This is because “advice-giving” and support that leads to breakthroughs is seen as very valuable.) If you want to help your clients create transformation in their life, join us for our Wellness Coach Certification program where you’ll gain the coaching skills and business training to become a successful coach! You can learn more by joining me this week for a complimentary training call here: http://www.wellnesscoachsuccess.com
    Thriving Together,



    Suzanne Monroe
    Founder & CEO, IAWP

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