3 Steps to Diving In and Discovering your Truth while you build a Sustainable, Thriving, Conscious Business


Whether you’re a holistic practitioner, a coach, a healer or other heart-based conscious business owner –

You’re not in business just to make a buck…you truly want to serve your clients to get what THEY need.

Conscious businesses are getting a lot of attention recently. What’s being said is: It’s doing your soul’s work that serves your clients, and contributes to the world.

That’s true!

But it’s time for some myth-busting about what it really takes to build a conscious business….

For starters, a business that truly serves others has to start with YOU becoming completely conscious as the business owner in your business.

It’s not easy and that’s why…

Being an entrepreneur IS the biggest personal growth and spiritual journey that you’ll ever take part in.

Which means You HAVE to do the inner work to get the outer results you want.

And when you do, the results are often way beyond what you ever believed was possible.

When you are in alignment with every aspect of your business, then the outer results you want show up…BIG TIME!!

Ready to learn the TRUTH about what it really takes to build a conscious business that’s in alignment with your true purpose?

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So what does it take to build a sustainable, conscious business that serves the world and also fuels YOU? Here’s a few gems to help you get started….

Step #1 – Clarity

Clarity is about getting out of overwhelm and stepping into confidence. It’s not always easy to get clear when there’s so much “noise” around you, including social media, the latest system or secret to build your business and other well-meaning distractions.  It’s important to know that there is no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to building a sustainable, conscious business. Being a conscious business owner starts with YOU becoming completely conscious about your journey, why you are really here and who you are meant to serve. Take some to write about your own personal story and how you can help others. Next, be open to do the inner work as you focus on the outer results. When you bring the two together, that’s when the results really start to show up.

Step #2 – Clients

Let’s face it: If you don’t have clients, you’re not really in business…You just have a hobby. I know deep in your heart you want to have more than a hobby. Learning the tools about how to speak to potential clients and share your message in an effective way are essential components to being a Conscious-Preneur.  How do you inspire people to work with you so they can create the transformation they’re seeking? There’s specific things to say and do whenever you’re talking about your work. We’re sharing the exact steps during the first-ever season of Conscious Biz T.V. here, register here:

Step #3 – Contribution

Once you’ve done the inner work, gotten clear on how you can serve AND you’ve taken the leap to sharing your message and inspiring people to work with you, then it’s time to consider expanding your reach. Contribution is one of the greatest gifts of being in business for yourself, because you get to decide how you want to make a big impact. Donate to causes you care about? Leave behind a legacy for your children? Help your local community? Consider how your conscious business can effect change in the world and how you can touch more lives.

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Health, Love and Success,


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